At the River (2014) op. 125

Opus number: op. 125

Title: At the River (2014)

Instrumentation: soprano solo and orchestra, 2-2-2-2, 2-2-0-0; timpani, tam-tam, chimes, vibraphone, bass drum; harp; strings

Commissioned: Boston Landmarks Orchestra

Date written: 2014

Length: five minutes

Premiere performance: July 17, 2014, Teresa Wakim-soprano, Boston Landmarks Orchestra, Christopher Wilkins-conductor, WGBH Fraser Performance Studio. Live performance streamed via WGBH.

Subsequent performances:

Program notes: Commissioned and written for the Boston Landmarks Orchestra, Christopher Wilkins-Conductor to open the summer season of 2014. At the River is based on the text of the familiar hymn tune with an original setting.