ENCORE No. 1 “Canon” (2006) Op. 78 no. 1

Opus number: op. 78 1+2

Title: Two Encores: 1, Canon; 2, Lament

Instrumentation: eight cellos

Commissioned: Tarab

Dedication: Tarab

Date written: 2003

Length: two minutes each

Premiere performance: Lament performed

Program Notes: Encore no. 1, “Canon,” and Encore no. 2, “Gretel’s Lament, “ Op. 78 no. 1 and no. 2, were composed for the eight cellos, Tarab Cello Ensemble. After Tarab recorded a commissioned work by me (also called Tarab) I thought that they should have a couple of short encore pieces for their concerts.  Both encores are about two minutes in length with the first one being very dramatic while the second one is lyrical. The pieces were composed in 2006.