January 20, 2008 3:00 P.M. Williams Hall at New England Conservatory, Boston, MA

(CD release party for the new Albany Records
release, Larry Bell: Music for Strings)

Exaltations of Snowy Stars(first performance)
D’Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano
Larry Bell, piano

Serenade, for guitar trio
Robert Sullivan-guitar 1
Thomas Small-guitar 2
John Muratore-guitar 3

Caprice No. 7 “Echo and Narcissus”
(Boston premiere)
Nick Tolle, vibraphone
Larry Bell, narrator

Celestial Refrain, for guitar solo
John Muratore-guitar
Rembering Al: Idumea Variaions
Larry Bell, piano

A Cry Against the Twilight
(Boston premiere)
Clara Sandler, soprano 1
Rachel Holmes, soprano 2
Liz Anker, alto
Thomas Gregg, tenor
Jonathan Barnhart, bass

Caprice No. 3
Aldo Abreu, alto recorder
(Boston premiere)

Duet from “Holy Ghosts”
(first performance)
Chelsea Basler (Nancy)
Thomas Gregg (Coleman)
Larry Bell, piano