Opus number: 69

Title: Liturgical Suite

Commissioned: Carson Cooman and Richard Bunbury

Dedication: to Carson Cooman and Richard Bunbury

Instrumentation: solo organ

Date written: June 2004

Length: ca. 20 minutes

Premiere performance: March 6, 2005, St. Theresa of Avila Parish

Important subsequent performances:

Program notes: My “Liturgical Suite” for Organ, Op. 69 was completed in June of 2004 and was commissioned by and dedicated to two organists: Carson Cooman and Richard Bunbury. The work is in seven movements and is designed to be both a recital piece and a functional part of a church service.

The movements are: Processional, Fugue, Toccata, “Wayfaring Stranger,” Gigue, Pastorale, and Postlude. The whole work is a kind of arch form which frames the central variations on the religious folk song “I am a poor wayfaring stranger.” Some of these movements contain repeats that allow them to be extended as the occasion requires. In addition, each piece contains general registration recommendations that were graciously suggested by the commissioning organists.

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