CAPRICE No. 6  (2005) Op.73

Opus number: 73

Title: Caprice No. 6

Instrumentation: clarinet

Date written: February 2005

Length: five minutes

Dedication: Megan Ankuda

Performances: Megan Ankuda, May 2, 2005, St. Cecilia’s Church, Boston, MA.

Program notes: Caprice No. 6, op. 73, was written in Febraury 2005 for my former student Megan Ankuka. This brief five-minute piece calls for the performer to interact with the audience by asking them to “Tap your feet,” “Snap your fingers,” and “Clap your hands.” (It will be useful for an addtional person to play a percussion instrument on these back beats to keep the pulse steady.) Although “Caprice” no. 6 is designed for a concert-music recital, the inspiration for it is drawn from the interactive world of rock and gospel music.