ELEGY (2005) Op. 72

Opus number: 72

Title: Elegy

Dedication: Dr. William A. Silverman and Dr. Edwin G. Olmstead

Instrumentation: solo piano

Date written: January 20, 2005

Length: ca. 7 minutes

Premiere performance: May 25, 2005, Larry Bell, pianist, New England Conservatory

Important subsequent performances:

Program notes: Elegy, op. 72, was written in memory of Dr. William A. Silverman and Dr. Edwin G. Olmstead. I learned of Dr. Silverman’s death while writing my cello concerto “The Triumph of Lightness” in the late fall of 2004. Elegy was completed on January 20, 2005,  the day we learned of the death of my father-in-law, Dr.Edwin G. Olmstead. A recording of the work was performed for the first time at a “Celebration of Life” for Dr. Silverman in Greenbrae, California, on March 18, 2005.

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