SLEEP SONG, a children’s piece (1984) Op.18

Opus number: 18

Title: “Sleep Song” a children’s piece for violin and piano

Instrumentation: violin and piano

Date written: 1984, Boston

Length: two minutes

Commissioner: Verio Piroddi

Premiere performance: March 1986, Bell-Bartlett Concerts, Peter Ciaschini, violin, Michael Dewart, piano. First and Second Church, Boston

Recording: Ayano Ninomiya CD in progress

Program notes:Sleep Song is a lullaby for violin and piano, written for the children of friends of the Italian, Verio Piroddi. Both parts are designed to be played by children. In a popular song form it is meant to be repeated until the performers are lulled to sleep. Arranged for viola for Bob Williams, May 2002.