Opus number: 5

Title: Eclogue

Instrumentation: saxophones AATB

Date written: 1973, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina

Length: ten minutes

Premiere performance: Juilliard Saxophone Quartet, Glen Stuplin, Matthew Balensuela, altos; Kenneth Hitchcock, tenor; Joseph Roldan, Jr., baritone, April 6, 1976, Paul Hall, The Juilliard School Composer’s Concert.

Important subsequent performances: May 24, 1978, Allice Tully Hall, Wednesday One O’clock Concert Series: John Ingram, Goerge Lowery, alto saxophones; Kenneth Hitchcock, tenor, Matthew Balensuela, baritone. April 17, 1980, Bell doctoral recital, Paul Hall, Juilliard: Vincent Gnojek, Allen Won, altos, Robert Roman, tenor, Don Haviland, baritone

Program notes:  “Eclogue” for saxophone quartet was written in 1973 and is an abstract instrumental piece for two altos, tenor, and baritone saxophones (string quartet seating) based on Bell’s earlier vocal work “Domination of Black.” “Eclogue” refers to a genre of pastoral poetry. The stereotypical sound of the saxophone, however, seems to bring the work closer to the realm of urban jazz. The piece is a five-part rondo, slow-fast-slow-fast-slow. The last slow section acts as an expansive combination of the previous slow music.