2006-2007 Event

April 1 , 2007 Rivers School, Weston, MA. 29th Annual Seminar on Contemporary, Music for the Young

1:00 Music for an April Fool’s Day: Concert for Children
From:Hansel and Gretel for Piano Solo, Op. 65
The Good-Hearted Father
The Evil Step Mother
The Bird
Arianna Zhang-piano
Gretel’s Lament
Happy-Go-Lucky Hansel
The Wicked Witch
Happy Ending

Adrija Navarro, piano

2:30 Connecting the Past and the Future
In Memory of Roger Sessions, Op. 29
1. Elegy Roland Liu, violin
2. Parody Anna Teng, violin
3. Dialogue Tanny Kang, violin

From: Reminscences and Reflections, Op. 46:
IX Prelude in Ab Sing-a-long Fugue in Ab
Will Lowry, piano

4:15 New Sounds Using Extended Techniques
From: Reminiscences and Reflections, Op. 46:
XII Prelude in B Recitative #2
Fugue in B
Riley Yuan, piano

from: Songs of Innocence and Experience, Op. 55
Poetry by William Blake

From: Songs of Innocence
Nurse’s Song
Infant Joy
From: Songs of Experience
The Garden of Love
The Sick Rose
The Voice of the Bard

Upper School Women’s Chorus and Intermezzo Chorus
Susan Emmanouilidis, conductor

Elegy, Op. 72
Roger Creel, piano

Serenade for Guitar Trio
world premiere
Joav Birjiniuk, Faith Woodside, Grace Daher, guitars


March 31, 2007 Rivers School, Weston, MA. 29th Annual Seminar on Contemporary, Music for the Young

11:30 Festival of the Animals: Concert for Children
Miniature Diversions, Op. 15:
I. Serenade
IV. Scherzino
Julie Richardson-piano

Reminiscences and Reflections, Op. 46
Fugue in D
Ruth Richardson, piano

4:30 Song and Dance
Four Pieces in Familiar Style, Op. 41 Larry Bell
Sonata in Two Parts Chang
Which Side Are You On? Gorski
The Cat and The Moon Gorski
Four-Voice Fugue Chang
Enchi & Jerway Chang; Sasha & Sally Gorski, violin duos

From: Reminscences and Reflections, Op. 46:
V. Prelude in E Recitative
V. Fugue in E
Suhanna Ng, piano

from: Remininscences and Reflections, Op. 46 #6:
Prelude in F Sentimental Muse, Fugue in F
Martin Falk, piano

From: Reminscences and Reflections, Op. 46:
Prelude in F# Backward Glances, Fugue in F#
Evan Rees, piano

6:00: Extended Playing Techniques
from: The Book of Moonlight, Op. 31
II Interlude
Kelsey Woerner, violin Erli Veizi, piano

From: Reminscences and Reflections, Op. 46:
VIII. Prelude in G Song and Dance
VIII Fugue in G
Sophie Leung, piano


March 30, 2007 Rivers School, Weston, MA. 29th Annual Seminar on Contemporary, Music for the Young. Faculty Recital

Just As I Am
Magdalena Richter-violin
Larry Bell-piano

Celestial Refrain
Karen Jacques-guitar

Dream Within a Dream
Robin Reinert-soprano
Larry Bell-piano

Pop Set
Pascale Delache-Feldman-doublebass
Larry Bell-piano


March 29, 2007 Pro Music Conservatory, 105 W. Nash St. Wilson, NC

Pro Music Choristers
Songs of Innocence and Experience
Gayla Turk-conductor


March 26-April 1, 2007 Composer in Residence at the Rivers School, Weston, MA

Performances by students and faculty of the Rivers Music School. Works to be included on concerts March 30, 31 and April 1:

Four Pieces in Familar Style, for two violins
Sleep Song, for violin and piano
In Memory of Roger Sessions, for solo violin
The Book of Moonlight, for violin and piano
Songs of Innoncence and Experience,
for children’s chorus and piano
Celestial Refrain, for solo guitar
Hansel and Gretel Suite, for solo piano
Reminiscences and Reflections: Twelve Preludes and Fugues for solo piano
Elegy, for solo piano
Miniature Diversions, for solo piano
Just As I Am, for violin and piano
Dream Within a Dream, for soprano and piano
Pop Set, for double bass and piano

and the first performance of: Serenade for Guitar Trio,
Commissioned by the Rivers School for its 29th Annual Seminar on Contemporay Music for the Young


March 25, 2007 8:00 P.M. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Shakespeare Sonnets
Rachel Joselson-soprano
Rene Lecuona-piano


March 12, 2007 8:00-10:00 PM Studio GBP 89.7, Georgia Public Radio, Cochran, Georgia

Short Symphony for Band
The Jordan Winds
William Drury-conductor
Bronze Music CD


March 5, 2007 2:40 P.M. MBPN Maine Public Radio

Serenade from Miniature Diversions
Larry Bell- piano
Troy 828 CD


March 1, 2007 8:00 P.M. New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall

Dark Orange Concerto
a concerto for viola and winds

(world premiere)
Carol Rodland-viola soloist
William Drury-conductor
The Jordan Winds

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